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a prominent fertility doctor in Bethesda, Maryland. Despite the massive influx of online criticism, Miss Sacks doesn't appear to have changed her mind. NY Daily News, The Daily Mail, Radar Online, and other news sites from New York to Australia. Which is accurate, as far as it goes. The student had 'no idea' she was rich until some nicknamed her 'Rachael Sacks of cash' at the age. Is this rich brat a shameless hussy or a trailblazer?

Miss Sacks responded in fury at the negative responses her personal essay had drawn on Thursday. A commenter on her story wrote: 'What a spoiled brat. My writing will improve. What else am I supposed to do? After all, why beg for forgiveness when you can stretch your 15 minutes of tabloid fame into a second week? We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. But insufferable Thought Catalog essays are a dime a dozen.

The, daily News took a slightly more restrained approach by not putting. 'Yes, let's all pity and feel bad for poor, judged, not smiled at one twitter user commented sarcastically. We mocked Rachael on Friday. Furthermore, by god, "the media" should be focusing on Syria, and the economy, and homelessness more than we should be focused on a bit of idiocy from a 20 year-old. News also noted that the New School student does have some supporters (one likened. These are things I would never do, she wrote in a post today, reflecting on the experience of being a tabloid sensation.

A local college student penned a sophomoric essay online entitled Im not going to pretend that Im poor. In a follow-up story, the tabloid sent reporters to photograph and video rich girl Rachael Sacks and once again labeled her story in the millennial essay web-zine sophomoric. Last week, 20 year-old New School student Rachael Sacks wrote a brash Thought Catalog essay that showed her to be a pompous rich girl full of self-regard. Post wrote in a, saturday cover story. And in a response to the uproar on Thought Catalog today, she writes (among several dumber"s I find it so funny that everyone is hating on me instead of investing themselves into worthier things. She adds: 'I'm just an obnoxiously loud voice of idiocy amongst billions.'. I will learn from other experiences.