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The paper then turns to the issue of reliability and stability, which are of particular importance when using human coders, and subsequently turns to a discussion of the emerging strategy of using computer assistance in the coding of text for content analysis. Hellstrom,., Husted,.: Mapping knowledge and intellectual capital in academic envi-ronments: A focus group study. In: Camarinha-Matos,.M., Picard,. Hermann (2002) presented a set of eight questions that are designed to help a researcher determine whether content analysis is an appropriate research strategy. Repeating the analysis or adding another dimension to be coded is quite easy when a computer-assisted content analysis strategy is used. To arrive at your conclusions about the individual decision maker, however, you may need to analyze multiple (and often a relatively large number) of spontaneous interview responses. It explains what the unit of analysis is and includes all the possible categories for each dimension that will be coded. Wacker,.G.: A definition of theory: research guidelines for different theory-building re-search methods in operations management. In qualitative, epistemological level there is no access to reality independent of our minds no external referent by which to compare claims of truth Smith (1983).

In other words, the categories that are employed should be theoretically justified so that the resulting data help the investigator draw valid inferences from the text. The biggest drawback of content analysis has traditionally been that it was very time-consuming to complete large-scale studies. As outlined previously, content analysis is defined by the quest to analyze text in a manner that is systematic, valid, and replicable. He furthermore noted an emerging tendency for content analysis to be used in combination with other social science research methods and a move toward computer-assisted content analysis. Holsti summarized these purposes into three groupings: Content analysis may be used to describe characteristics of communications. Still, it does take a lot of time! Content analysis can now be used as a data-making tool that can yield quantitative indicators of aspects of political life that previously were deemed difficult or impossible to measure. Harper Row, New York (1911). The coding schedule is simply the form that the coder uses to record her or his coding decisions. Political Communication, 15(1 5-26. In that case, manifest content is coded in order to make inferences about underlying meaning or latent content.