characteristics happy marriage essay

put in, and whether or not it was possible to achieve fulfilment and happiness if you were to marry for the latter. For example if you are in a better financial position or have a better job than your partner do not try to take advantage of that and make your partner feel inferior. This view is also made clear when she comments on Jane and Bingleys relationship: When Jane is secure of him (i.e. Friendship, happy, healthy marriages are marked by a deep and abiding friendship. There is now much data to support the idea that happy people, and more specifically happy marriages, share common characteristics, such as:. Everybody has his or her own opinion and this should be respected. However, as many married couples discover, having a good marriage does take work. This statement is made purely on the awareness of his handsome fortune, and of the happiness and fortune that it could bring her.

It is this theory that influences her own marriage with Mr Collins, for although there is no real affection on her side, he can offer her protection and a comfortable life. The principle is that you should have a balance in your life, so as to essays medical assistant career manage your time efficiently and have enough time to devote to your partner and family. She advises her on her fancy for Mr Wickham: affection for Wickham would be so very imprudent because of his want of fortune. Mr Bennet, immediately after the engagement had been announced tells his daughter that you will be a very happy womanI have no doubt of your doing very well together. I think hes my life. If you want to have a happy marriage, you should help your spouse doing household chores. Its hard dealing with it, but I understand because he needs some time alone. Their shared admiration for one another gives the foundation for equilibrium, that there will be a good balance of respect, esteem and confidence on both sides. We also respect one onothers boundaries and privacy. Impure ideas result in impure actions that all too often lead to fornication and yet another family or marriage tear apart. More Essay Examples.

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