byzantine empire essay conclusion

imperial decree, but the Orthodox citizenry and clergy intensely resented the authority of Rome and the Latin Rite. I wonder if I will receive any answers. The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England. Kazhdan, Aleksandr Petrovich; Epstein, Ann Wharton (1985).

"Images of Authority: Elites and Icons in Late Sixth-century Byzantium". Runciman, Steven (1990) 1929. 45; Lapidge, Blair Keynes 1998,. . "Die diokletianische Tetrarchie als Epoche einer historischen Wende in antiker und moderner Sicht". After this, the Sassanid army was forced to withdraw to Anatolia. 202 John Philoponus, an Alexandrian philologist, Aristotelian commentator and Christian theologian, author of a considerable number of philosophical treatises and theological works, was the first who questioned Aristotle's teaching of physics, despite its flaws. Constantinople (modern-day, istanbul, which had been founded. Ahrweiler Laiou 1998,. . 3 (Winter, 1981). Komnene 1928, Alexiad,.2, Alexiad,.2, Alexiad,.34813.358 ; Birkenmeier 2002,. .