social activism on social media being effective essay

I think of right away. In this case, Facebook was the tool that helped organize passionate individuals across the country, creating the largest single-day protest.S. I know that I have learned a lot about the topics I care about from social media. Some 64 of Americans feel that the statement social media help give a voice to underrepresented groups describes these sites very or somewhat well. Being an activist (without actually being one) is a trend now, and this lends itself to bigger problems. Times UP movement which has raised more than 16 million for a legal defense fund supporting low-income women gaining justice for sexual harassment and assault.

And I would argue that engaging in these conversations is a big part of how we make change. Youre not a social justice superhero simply because you liked a post on Facebook. It shows that our generation isnt just obsessed with being on our phones, but that if we have the motivation, we can use the tools of social media for more than meaningless scrolling and snapping. Services that also include abortion.

#Ferguson was created after the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson, and the unrest that ensued after he was not indicted. We all want to feel good about ourselves, and we all want to feel that we are a part of something. But even if, for whatever reason, we are not able to actively participate outside of social media, we may still ward off slacktivism by educating ourselves about the larger issues. When a group of grieving, but passionate students utilize a platform they grew up with to spread their voices, the effect is pretty powerful. For me, social media has been a big influence on my awareness of different issues and current events. But larger majorities of black Americans say these sites promote important issues or give voice to underrepresented groups, while smaller shares of blacks feel that political engagement on social media produces significant downsides in the form of a distracted public or slacktivism. To be a social activist is easy. But a larger share say social networking sites distract people from issues that are truly important (77 feel this way and 71 agree with the assertion that social media makes people believe theyre making a difference when they really arent. In response, the Komen Foundation restored the funding and issued an apology. If you ever talked about #Kony2012, liked a post about Michelle Obama's #BringBackOurGirls, or tweeted about #BlackLivesMatter, you have participated in internet activism. In what the Washington Post says was a highly political move, the Susan. We can all do better.

I personally keep track of a lot of things via social media because it is constantly being updated in real time by real people and not potentially biased media outlets (looking at you, Fox News ). By tweeting and finding other users who were using #Ferguson, we were able to find housing and plan protests as well as give first-hand accounts of what was happening in Ferguson for people who were not there, such as myself. While passive efforts online may not help much, they do have the capacity to encourage the ideas they represent and to motivate individuals who might not have considered activism before to get more involved. Is social media damaging or beneficial to activism? Its activism behindĀ a screen. The idea is that passively contributing online to a cause without actively participating in other ways is easy with social media.