black friday photo essay

is the consumers motivation. Which is try and get the public amped up for the shopping season. The people who have dispensable money are the ones who stand in line for hours even days to go shopping and the ones who dont are the employees who are being forced to skip their Thanksgiving Day celebration and cater to the shoppers. I agree with Andrew that starting Black Friday sells at midnight Thanksgiving is laudable.

That with an occupy Black Friday or without a robust Christmas shopping season the economy could decline and more layoffs and pay cuts could result. It seems that you either have money or you dont. With a little effort and research before and during our journey, the small bits of information we absorb and learn about Moroccos rich culture helps us gain more meaning to the historic monuments and treasures we visit. Dont you think my travel companions look great in black and white with the Koutoubia in the background? I have watched the Crazy Target Lady on commercials for the past several Black Friday shopping seasons.

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