validity in selection process essay

manageable number by eliminating and rejecting unsuitable candidates (Pilbeam et al, 2006). (Askoh chanda HRM strategic intergration.). In words of Leopold et al Recruitment activity filters applications through factors such as whether a realistic preview of the job is communicated, the ease or difficulty of application, the time scale for applicant owl thesis statements response and the quality of the recruitment pack information Leopold. Counter-measures to faking include the test and retest approach to see if an individual is consistent in their answers, or asking questions that require quick responses. Selection methods provide a systematic means by which information can be gathered about candidate and help predict their performance in that particular job (Dale,1995). One such research was conducted by Steven Crownshaw from the Department of Management Concordia University.

validity in selection process essay

Reliability and Validity in Selection Process Essay Bartleby Validity and Reliability of Selection Interviews - UK Essays Recruitment First Stage To Selection Business Essay - UK Essays

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These five job traits are connected to job performance and are predictors of certain outcomes: avoiding counterproductive behavior, reducing turnover and absenteeism, exhibiting more teamwork and leadership, providing more effective customer service, contributing more citizenship behavior, influencing job satisfaction and commitment to the firm, and. The reliability and validity as mentioned above form a very important part of the decision making process that is the choice of selection method. While intentional discrimination is certainly possible, the more likely risk for companies acting in good faith involves inadvertent discrimination through the use of valid and reliable instruments. 7, discernment is the solution. Validity embodies not only what positive outcomes a selection approach may predict, but also how consistently (i.e., reliably) it does.

Job analysis is not expected to enhance reliability, but a job analysis should enhance the amount of job information brought into the interview, thus decreasing deficiency. The four elements form a part of the decision making factor for the choice of the methodology used for selection, but many authors point out two key factors that underlie any selection activity and that is reliability and validity. 56 Presumably, the employer must also have been aware of the alternate employment practice at the time the defendant was being considered for employment. Suggestions for interaction with the disabled are offered in Sidebar 3-1. The plan includes training for current employees and personality testing for nursing, managerial, and physician candidates (Silvey, 2011).

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