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strength and confidence in Tia that Antoinette lacks. The destruction of Thornfield Hall occurs in both novels; however, Rhys epitomises the fire as a liberating experience for Antoinette. Jane Eyre is an excellent novel that has no problem standing on its own. Rochester renames Antoinette to Bertha in order to estrange her from her Creole-ness and possibly to disassociate her with the name of her mother, who also went mad. Through this exploration, Rhys explores the idea that identity is both something that is inherited and acquired. Show More, wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre intertwined. Jane believes that Grace is the one that lights Rochesters bed on fire. Antoinette pleads with Christophine for an obeah potion to attempt to reignite her husband's love, which Christophine reluctantly gives her. Archived from the original on 16 December 2010. Retrieved Erwin, Lee (1989). Antoinette is categorized as being creole or a person with mixed backgrounds or ethnicities such as black, white, European, and more specifically French.

In this case, Wide Sargasso Sea is shaped from Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre and it elaborates on the character of Bertha, who. Antoinette : Wide Sargasso Sea specifically for you. Compare and contrast the representation of femininity in Pygmalion and Wide Sargasso Sea. Did Marie Antoinette deserve her infamous reputation? Free Essay : Wide Sargasso Sea and Jane Eyre intertwined In Wide Sargasso Sea, author Jean Rhys uses intertextuality to tell the story of Antoinette Mason.

When Tia steals Antoinettes money and pretty dress, Antoinette is forced to wear Tias dirty, old dress. This suggests that even though Rochester works so hard to separate himself from the Caribbean, his involvement with obeah inevitably leaves a mark of Caribbean identity on him. Antoinette describes to Rochester how a girl would sing a song about a white cockroach. 1997: Wide Sargasso Sea, contemporary opera adaptation with music by Brian Howard, directed by Douglas Horton. As a Creole, Antoinette is forced to inhabit two identities that she feels she doesnt belong to in a culture that will not accept her. Retrieved External links edit "Wide Sargasso Sea, Bertha and Jane Eyre", The Magpie Poet blog Wide Sargasso Sea, study guide, themes,"s, teacher resources Review.

Trevor Hope remarks that the "triumphant conflagration of Thornfield Hall in Wide Sargasso Sea may at one level mark a vengeful attack upon the earlier textual structure". Antoinette Cosway, a, creole heiress. Antoinette's old nurse Christophine openly distrusts the Englishman. Now they have taken everything away.