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recognized the value of capturing Guthries songs on tape. Seegers interpretation cherishes the dual nature of the original as celebration and protest he has never omitted the verses that were often left out of the song by more timid performers. Guthrie turned 100 this year, 45 years after his early death from Huntingtons disease. The lyrics start off by giving a visual image of the vastness of America. He goes on to say in the next verse that nobody that is living can ever stop him as he is walking down the freedom highway.

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Fleeing the dustbowl during the Depression, Guthrie zigzagged around the country for years, bouncing from coast to coast, taking in the nation during hard times and always writing about what he saw. The other side of that sign was made for everyone, he says. as Woody Guthries youngest sister, Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon has been displaying her brothers letters to her, documents she has saved for many decades. He takes it to its natural climax, the night before President Barack Obamas inauguration, when Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen led a Washington graduate assistantship essay cover letter for statistics DC crowd of more than 100,000 (with a worldwide television audience of millions more) in a rendition of This Land Is Your. Lacking a fridge and microwave, I had to get all my food from the nearest convenience store (hardboiled eggs and banana for breakfast) or, for the big meal of the day, Wendys or KFC. Woody Guthrie already had considerable street cred in that department: he was filled with stories of his native Oklahoma, and of Texas and elsewhere, and he wrote song after song about the people and places he had known. And did I mention a living wage? Shes given many presentations of these treasures near her Oklahoma home, and now she has collaborated with the Oklahoma historian Guy Logsdon to frame a book around them. When the land was made for everyone, he is not going to stop until he has reached. Throughout his short but amazingly productive life, Guthrie maintained a steady correspondence with his sister Mary. The problem was financial.

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