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at the suffering humanity and the critique of exceptionalism or particularism. A : I wouldnt say he was in a Muselmänn-like condition, but a bare-life like one. And technology is one of those ways; Whether this is the internet, its the player piano, or its the record player, or the walkman, technology is one way to approach that question.

Feenin : Posthuman Voices in Contemporary Black Popular Music
Feenin posthuman voices IN contemporary black
Alexander weheliye / Claiming Humanity: A Black Critique
Afrofuturism and Post-Soul Possibility in Black Popular Music - jstor
Conversations in Black: Alexander

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And it seemed to me that there was a lot of horror, but what Agamben really doesnt get to is thissuch a strong drive for wanting to survive. In Phonographies I look at several different instances: DJing, but also literary texts, film, and then a fewIm not sure theyre quite contemporary anymore, but back then contemporaryhip-hop groups, especially ones that were not necessarily, or at least primarily, from the United States, to really. Theres a clear connection there. Though Im not nostalgic for that time in hip-hop, The Fugees combined a deft pro-Black and hemispheric political rhetoric with extremely appealing beats/rhymes/hooks in ways that not many other artists have done since; they are to this day also one of the few hip-hop crews. AGW: The book is something akin to an intellectual and emotional exorcism for me, but also a way to find languages through which to address questions of Black life and humanity differently than I did in Phonographies.

weheliye feenin essay

In addition, this essay also seeks to realign the hegemony of visual media.
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The second, Feenin: R B s Technologies of Humanity, offers a critical hist ory of the.