rebelling against femininity essay

real intimacy. This does not make rape good, any more than noticing the ubiquity of murder, theft and tribal warfare in human evolutionary history leads us to approve of murder, theft, or war. The basic focus of dystopian literature is to make readers think about how these dystopian societies relate to the real world. Andrea Dworkin (pictured above) claims to have been raped at one point in her life. Shut out of his systems space, she is the repressed that ensures the systems functioning (Cixous and Clement, 67) 32 There is no core or bedrock human nature below these endlessly looping processes of the social production of sex and gender, self and other identity. They dont actually hate rape and rapists. And this is where the disconnect lies in my view. And while young people tell us that they want easy, comfortable lives, deep down they are all longing for an adventure something to believe in and grasp onto. In traditional Chinese society, mothers once bound their daughters feet into three-inch stumps to enhance their sexual attractiveness.

Rebelling against femininity essay
rebelling against femininity essay

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Women and men under the influence of alcohol should be held to the same standards of behaviour as everyone else. To explain why gendering is done from birth, constantly and by everyone, we have to look not only at the way individuals experience gender but at gender as a social institution. Adult women are not children, and it is fair to expect them to clearly communicate if they want something to stop. Empty because they have no ultimate, transcendental meaning. Ironically, this is probably true from the perspective of feminists, most of whom are the sort of women who have absolutely no reason to fear male sexual desire. Consider these actions together, and the goal of the Feminist campaign to enshrine Rape Culture into our mythology is obvious: Loading. No one seems to have a full understanding of the reasoning behind the millennial generations denial of the Catholic Church and their subsequent association as Nones. Gendered norms and expectations are enforced through informal sanctions of gender-inappropriate behavior by peers and by formal punishment or threat of punishment by those in authority should behavior deviate too far from socially imposed standards for women and men. The dominant categories are the hegemonic ideals, taken so for granted as the way things should be that white is not ordinarily thought of as a race, middle class as a class, or men as a gender. The process of gendering and its outcome are legitimated by religion, law, science, and the societys entire set of values. Through cognitive development, children extract and apply to their own actions the appropriate behavior for those who belong in their own gender, as well as race, religion, ethnic group, and social class, rejecting what is not appropriate.

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