thesis nav menu background color

efficient as possible. We dont have any more link settings. We can use this overall menu margin to move the menu in position.

If theyre going to have different styles, they need to have different selectors. How to Videos, support Forum, this plugin allows you to add widgets to the Thesis Header without creating custom code. And then the submenu width was 222. Before putting the nav next to the title, we should put it inside the same element as the title.

On the top menu, the background color will be white. To position the nav next to the title add the following.custom #header position:relative;.custom nu position:absolute; top:2.2em; right:1.1em; width:auto;.custom nu s float:left; The first line is necessary for the nav to be positioned relative how to write an essay on research methodology to the header rather than the whole page. Easily add up to two widget areas, search and navigation to the header of the the Thesis Theme. Set this image as a background image for your header_area so it merges with your header graphic. We can say 10, 20, 10,.