essay on uses and misuses of television

programming that parents let their children watch, because violence in television can negatively affect children. When 500 kids who had participated in studies were contacted later as teenagers, researchers found that those who had watched educational programs in preschool had better grades, placed more value on achievement, read more books, and were more creative than those who hadn't. Ask this question, would someone let their own child watch some of the programming that they watch, too? 1 Answers d ds answered, television is a very useful device but depending on use everything has disadvantages.

TV also serves as a great medium for the producers as they cat reach out to people to advertise their products. Social scientists have found a rear relation between growing number of crimes in the real world and violence depicted. Often rumors are also spread through the media. Everybody watches television, including the children. While violent influences that impact children research papers on power quality improvement negatively, they may participate in different behavior.

1562 Words 7 Pages, television is a big part of todays society. Very good plays are to be seen nowadays on television. Television has made us reschedule our activities and plan our life in a different pattern.