c# windows service write to text file

a string. . This code ensures essays effects alcohol the file exists and properly closes the file if an exception occurs. Afaik you can't really use ClickOnce end-to-end to deploy a service; there are issues with both the file locations (ClickOnce installs into a user's profile) and installation (ClickOnce is largely side-effect free). Txt string line; if (File. Another advantage is that the same approach can be used to help debugging, since you can run it from the command line. You can, however, write a service as an exe that can self-install/uninstall from the services list, like so ; basically, you write it as as a console exe and handle some command line args, using AssemblyInstaller to uninstall from the current assembly. Exists( filePath ) StreamReader file null; try file new StreamReader( filePath while (line adLine! WriteLine( line finally if (file!

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