conclusion on domestic violence essay

to the victim. Furthermore, the effects of domestic violence depend upon the type of domestic violence. Family members are harmed as well (Duffy Momirov, 19997,. Many people still believe that the issue is rare, thus they may train them self to believe it isnt really occurring (Berry, 2000,. During the beginning of an abusive relationship, the women usually employ various strategies to diminish the violence (Denmark, Rabinowitz Sechzer, 2005,. A culture of silence reinforces the stigma attached to the victim rather than condemning the perpetrator of such crimes (afrolNews, 2007). Ask our professional writer! Lots of cases in which the women are abused go unreported to police but fortunately the reported cases have increased (Department of Justice, 2009). These guidelines required police to file charges if they had reasonable grounds to believe the women had been assaulted (Department of Justice, 2009). Walikhanna (2009) has many thoughts of why women stay: 1) women may keep the issue silent for the sake of their children 2) education or training may be lacking thus they are dependent on the man 3) they may believe the abuse is part. During July of 1982, the House of Commons suggested that Parliament push all police to lay charges for acts of wife beating considering they lay charges for other forms of assault (Department of Justice, 2009).

conclusion on domestic violence essay

Domestic violence is not only a problem of the developing or under developed countries.
It is very much prevalent in developed countries also.

Physical abuse can also include behaviors such as denying the victim of medical care when needed, depriving the victim of sleep or other functions necessary to live. The effectiveness of all future outreach programs depend on the communities attitudes (Sen, 1999,. Domestic violence therefore functions as a means of enforcing conformity with the role of a woman within customary society. However, neither those who experience domestic violence nor the partners who abuse them fall into distinct categories. The implications of such situations are that learning institution should ascertain possible ways of liberating the show more content, this is especially so when the woman is economically dependent on the man.

Victims may live in isolated communities or face communication, cultural or language barriers (Department of Justice, 2009). Contributing Factors Leading to Domestic Violence as an Issue Domestic violence against women would never have become an issue if it wasnt for the development of feminism (Duffy Momirov, 1997,. Weiss along with eleven other women share their stories of abuse and the fight to rise above the abuse. People who are being emotionally abused often feel as if they do not own themselves; rather, they may feel that their significant other has nearly total control over them.

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