research paper on watershed management in maharashtra

landless. The 11th Plan has stressed upon developing concerted action plans for rainfed areas in close consultation with the State Governments. Thus, it is very crucial to monitor the land use land cover changes. Accordingly, the Common Guidelines for Watershed Development, 2008 have been issued and made effective from.4.2008. The project examined ways to enhance implementation of drinking water and sanitation projects to create an Integrated Domestic Water Management (idwm) model for replication in villages prone to water scarcity. The programmes adopt a common strategy of multi-resource management involving all stakeholders within the watershed, who together as a group, co-operatively identify the resource issues and concerns of the watershed as well as develop and implement a watershed plan with solutions that are environmentally, socially. Watershed Organisation Trust (wotr) worked on an integrated watersheds approach in the villages, which was useful in strengthening and protecting the water source. The per capita availability of land and its yield is very low in India.

Landsat images, topographical maps and questionnaire survey (open ended) were used as primary data. The data on peoples perception was analyzed individually with discussion with advisor and co advisor.

Further research should be conducted to identify the different factors responsible for the land use land cover change. Land use land cover change is the most important variable of global change. Classification accuracy was assessed using overall accuracy and Kappa coefficient. Awareness about hygiene practices and water budgeting has gone. Illegal extraction of sand, boulder, stone from watershed area should be checked. Remote sensing and GIS technique are very important for monitoring these changes. Land is a critically important national resource. Key words: Land use, Land Cover, GIS, Remote Sensing, Watershed. Results were presented in easily understandable forms such as maps, tables and charts using Microsoft Office 2007. Ministry of Rural Development has hence taken up various initiatives to make the optimum utilization of land and improve its quality. It has immense impact on the global environment and ecosystem. The Department of Land Resources of MoRD is implementing three long-term Watershed Development Programmes.e.

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