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well as terrestrial substrates. This is more than the total number of lives lost in World War. The planet Earth is constantly being shaped by these forces, irrespective of whether they act as constructive or destructive. They happened In certain parts of the world Australia, the Midwestern and Southern of United States. A snowstorm or an avalanche (a slide of large masses of snow, ice, and mud down a mountain) can change the earth's surface in a significant manner. As it requires more space, it pushes the rock apart, breaking it into pieces. The process in which wind lifts up and carries away loose particles is called deflation.

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After I encountered this exhilarating experience, I decided to go to the library and scrounge up some research about how this immense twister developed and ripped down Fort Myers, Florida. A tsunami can have wavelengths of 60 sqa higher history essays to 120 mi and may reach speeds of 800 km/h. Weathering refers to slow breakdown of rocks at a given place. When the wave reaches the shore, it may be. Rivers, streams, rainfall, all are responsible for erosion. The third major effect was the damage to society. It killed six hundred ninety five people and injured over two thousand. Sometimes natural disasters can kill more people than war. Some Facts, destructive forces mainly lead to erosion and weathering of rocks. It causes an earthquake.

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