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drugs has compounded the success of organ transplants. It is almost the elixir of life to individuals with deteriorating organs who require other fellow beings to donate them organs. Her parents are against her decision, but she Paula claims its because theyre overprotective and dont want her to complete an unnecessary operation with anesthetic. To decide who can donate organs has been a continuously evolving process. Conclusion, the government of India is making efforts to spread awareness about organ transplant to encourage the same. When the transplant is from a living donor, free consent is necessitated. The Catholics consider it as an act of love and charity. There are some people who are also fearful of the fact that if the buying and selling of organs became a notorious business, then it would undermine the nobility associated with organ transplants. The text questions the risk of organ donation by living donors and the ethical concerns brought with. This is said to be one of the reasons for the rising inequality of status between the rich and the poor. It could be detrimental if the organ just went to the highest bidder.

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Statistics reveal that in India against an average annual demand for 200,000 kidneys, only 6,000 are received. This has spurred corrupt practices where organ donation is concerned (Shroff, 2009). She was the first person in Scotland to complete an altruistic donation. Firstly, this includes the buying and selling of human organs and tissues: There are some people who believe that human organs and tissues ought to be bought and sold in order to quantify the supply and show deference for other peoples autonomy. It follows the opt-out system for organ donation. It is done by the consent of donor in case he is alive or by the consent of next of kin after death. It has slowly evolved to encompass various parts of the body. The use of cloning to come up with organs with a genotype identical to the recipient is another controversial topic.