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knitting (Zama and Sifton 27). This largely translates to discrimination and lack of freedom. In Afghan such chances are not provided hence continued lack of communication freedom. They establish Gender Advisers13 and Human Right Adviser14 in Afghanistan to implement equality and establish the rights that all humans have. Freedom of expression is known as an effective tool for resistance against practices that oppress women. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 1996, they did not follow some of these Conventions that their Party had signed there for the United Nations stepped in to make sure that the women in Afghanistan were not put in situation of being harmed. Due to civilization across the world, Islam reformed and some of its doctrines were changes in favor of women. The sentence was handed down by a tribunal and the women were lashed on their legs and backs for their misdemeanor.23 The Taliban believed that women should not be seen or heard.24 Afghan women who have spoke out say that international support has been. "We're not worrying now about what will happen after the international community leaves in 2014, or about whether we will lose our rights as part of an agreement with the Taliban an Afghan women's rights activist told me last week. Additionally, lack of media freedom is another obstacle that contributes to communication problems in Afghanistan.

Again, society starts to appreciate need to uphold plight of women and girls hence creating a balanced society that pays attention to both genders. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Womens Rights in Afghanistan specifically for you. The rights of the women in Afghanistan got taken away when the Taliban took over in 1996.

For instance, cases of forced marriages, death threats due education matters and denial of chance to participate or enjoy public life are recordable according to research. Dowry payment is regarded as compensation for the care and upbringing of the bride. However their interpretation of it is more of a punishing form for the women. In literature review section of this research, rights of Afghans woman in regard to freedom of live, dressing, education, marriage and expression will be discussed. The emotional distress, I couldnt even fathom how the women cope from day to day. In case women and girls want to leave their homes, then they must be escorted by a male relative. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Devastating effects have been advanced towards widowed women who were the only source of livelihood for their families.

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Education, a large percentage of women in Afghanistan are illiterate due to banning of schooling for all women and successive wars in the nation had completely paralyzed the Education system. There are many reported incidents of women being raped in Afghanistan. The critical analysis essay of the lottery women of Afghanistan had all their rights taking away when the Taliban took over. Some of the Taliban restrictions were; Banned from listening to music, banned from the watching of movies, television and videos, for everyone, banned celebrating, ordered that all people with non-Islamic names change them to Islamic ones, forced haircuts upon Afghan youth, ordered that men wear Islamic. While there is detailed planning by Afghanistan's foreign donors to support the Afghan security forces for 10 years past 2014, there is a glaring absence of consideration of similar safeguards for women's rights in the years ahead. The visibility of the wearer is largely limited as the size of the mesh opening does not provide adequate perceptibility. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? We will write a custom essay sample. The prophet Mohammed was not this strict whit the women.