how to write a seminar paper abstract

a preseminar related work should be considered, but not as alternative approaches, but to explain additional details. Lu05 Stating which subchapter/paragraph bases on (not is copied, bases on!) a source,.g. Hopefully, after reading this paper the reader is able to write a seminar paper which is formally correct. Structure of the Concluding Chapter Structure of the Concluding Chapter The last chapter has to be a concluding chapter. For more details on completeness of literature entries and on how to sort the literature list, see Th06. 3.5 General Rules on Writing Beside the structure of a seminar paper, also there are some guidelines on writing style. If the table of contents has more than one page, add a page header, starting on the second page of the table of contents. Should not be done in working on a seminar paper SWT06.

But Wikipedia or similar sources you are allowed to use only in minor cases best is to not use it at all. Also, there is no general rule how to structure the main contents of the seminar paper. At the end of the document, after the content chapters, a list of the used literature is to be appended.

Comments on how to include literature in the seminar paper follow in chapter 4, together with some remarks on literature study. As mentioned above, there will be not enough time left for all necessary corrections in such cases. Thus, the structuring as sketched in the present subchapter is unsuitable. Chapter 5 is the most important one it summarizes DOs and DON Ts for seminarists. Updated January 18, 2018. The first step in working on a seminar topic is to do a literature survey about related works in the topical area (or about details on technology in preseminars). Use only formulations which make the paper sound well-stated. Write about the topic in own word using the initial material as well as papers found in the literature survey.

Some prefer Arial font type if you do so, use a font size of 11pt. In a last comment on writing, abbreviations should be treated. Do not copy text from foreign sources!