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for Clinical Competence. The NMC (2010) also states that employers have a duty of ensuring that employees are provided with opportunities for continuing professional development or subscribing to lifelong learning. Safe, accountable, comprehensive and competent care is just a few of the many reliable benefits patients and their families will receive as smart, motivated, and inspired degree nurses bring improved practice and thinking to the bedside or wherever they may. Honey and Mumford (1992) express that if you teach according to a specific learning style, preferred by the student this creates a tailored learning more. Encouragement and praise used when mentoring and assessing the student enables them to be more confident and independent in practice (Hand, 2006).

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According to Anderson (2011) the reason for evaluation is to improve teaching process and learning outcome. As these issues have been identified, ideas must be generated for recommendations in how to solve this issue. It gives an opportunity to discuss issues with other mentor. It has been made a formal role in nursing education to directly allow students to obtain clinical skills during their practice placement in the clinical environment. Chambers and Wall (2000) suggest that a good mentor should include qualities of honesty, enthusiasm, trust, patience, knowledge, experience and empathy. Shakespeare,., Webb,. Mentors, who understand his/her student needs, will exhibit a degree of empathic awareness, which will make the student feel relieved. The task involved setting up the feeding pump and keeping the RIG clean and free of infection.