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proceso de video, el cual consta generalmente de 3 etapas que de llevarse a cabo correctamente el resultado final del video será exitoso. Autoplay next video, when I get to be a composer. Lo más importante es obtener todo el contenido para el diseo del vdeo final con la mayor calidad. There are a lot of myths about writing, that up until recently, I thought they were true. I'm gonna write me some music about. And I'm gonna put white hands. And black hands and brown and yellow hands.

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And the scent of pine needles. Get to be a composer, and write about daybreak, in Alabama. The concurrent use of simile and images of nature drives home the speakers desire to see his dr eam come true. And the smell of red clay after rain. Although this poem is free verse, the 14 th lines rhythm sounds a s if it should be iambic pentameter. And long red necks, and poppy colored faces, and big brown arms. Making money from your work is not hard, but you have to know the basics which include sentences with these words at the beginning: Who, What, where, and when! Post-produccin, se realiza la captura, seleccin y montaje de lo grabado. Here, the speaker first implies that there should not be racial segregation, applying language to real life. The and put at the beginning of six consecutive lines only reinforces the wistful tone of the poem by showing how big the speakers dream. I'm gonna put some tall tall trees. The pine needles and the red clay and the.

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