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but has now been shown to be a different biological isolate, the citrus race, and not a different species ( Kaplan and Opperman, 1997 ). Similis was detected in imported Anthurium plants in a glasshouse in Israel in June 1999 (. Proceedins of the First National Symposium on Pest management in Horticultural Crops, 15-17 October, 1997. The cylindrical endoconidia and chlamydospores are particularly numerous on pruning cuts made in infected organs, producing an ash-coloured, powdery layer. Nematodes, mostly Australian and Fijian. Plant Disease Reporter, 90:98 (abstract). Wallingford, UK: CAB International. Integrated lubrication and trailer connection indicator is available as option for specific variants. Corythuca ciliata tiger of plane tree is frequently found on the leaves of plane trees and could be a potential vector of fungal spores, but there are no reports of its role as a vector.

Pathogenicity tests under simulated field conditions on mature black pepper vines have given significant growth and yield reductions in vines inoculated with 100 or more nematodes. Platanus diseases, with special reference to canker stain; the present situation in France. Application to the study of the persistence of the parasite in infected wood. Tender roots of coconut seedlings with heavy infestation become spongy in texture.

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Nematode distribution in roots of banana (Musa AAA. Bakshi (1950) and, hunt (1956) who considered, endoconidiophora and, ophiostoma synonyms and excluded the genus, ceratostomella because asci were persistent in all species. Recombination 1 Overview of Recombination 2 Molecular Basis of Homologous Recombination 3 Site-Specific Recombination 4 Recombination in Higher Organisms 5 Gene Conversion Chapter. Plant Disease Reporter, 45:457-461. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium of Afro-Asian Society of Nematologists (tisaasn Sugarcane Breeding Institute (icar Coimbatore, India, April 16-19, 1998., 106-110; 13 ref. Analysis of Gene Expression 1 Monitoring Gene Expression 2 Reporter Genes for Monitoring Gene Expression 3 Deletion Analysis of the Upstream Region 4 DNA-Protein Complexes Can Be Isolated by Chromatin Immunoprecipitation 5 Location of the Start of Transcription by Primer Extension 6 Transcriptome Analysis. Ruperez A; Munoz C, 1980. (Fitonematodos asociados a las arecaceas en las antiguas provincias habaneras.) Fitosanidad, 15(1 11-15.

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