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development: Globalisation Defining and measuring development Theories of development (Modernisation Theory etc) Aid, trade. Modernization denotes a social change within a modern context, sociology and industrialization era. The primary function of modernization theory is to ensure an optimal framework for the proper governance of globalization. Gender and development: Rethinking modernization and dependency theory. (1992) Social Change, Development Dependency Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Modernization theory faces criticism in the shape of dependency theory because of the underdeveloped states were suffering and modernization theorist was focusing on the development literature by neglecting the poor nations (Seers, 1981). In contrast, Modernization theory believes in its possibility due to the modernization of socio-economic and political life of developing countries and their closer cooperation with developed countries, which is supposed to be a conscious and willing act of developing countries looking for ways to prosperity. "Modernisation theory." All Answers Ltd. Similarities between technology research paper computer education Modernization theory and Dependency theory. At the same time, this theories help assess the current situation and relationships between developed and undeveloped countries more objectively due to existing differences between the two theories.

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Individuals were adopting the change of the society, but with the context of freedom and independence. This can take the form of: Science and technology to essay on television violence improve agriculture. Modernization theory and the sociological study of development. In spite of existing similarities between Modernization theory and Dependency theory, differences between them are much more substantial and it is even possible to estimate that these theories are antagonistic in their views on the development of the world and international relationships, especially on the. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that supporters of Dependency theory argue that western countries impose their politics and their rules to developing countries forcing them to accept western standards and norms, while any disobedience from the part of developing countries threatens. The central role is on experts and money coming in from the outside, parachuted in, and this downgrades the role of local knowledge and initiatives.