how will you contribute to the community essay

are remnants of the old contributions system. By, allen Grove,. All contributors and supervisors are volunteers who love the site concept. Clean up poorly worded questions. Protecting a question As Community Assistants are paid employees of the m corporation, they likely must be online during the times assigned, or enough to fulfill requirements; work time depends just like any other job. While there are certain things only supervisors can do there are plenty of other things a user can.

Recommend questions, joining a WikiAnswers program, such as WIT. What can you offer?

Pretty much anything you do on WikiAnswers can get you a new contribution point. Each question you answer, edit, or categorize counts as a contribution. You can always view the history of a question by looking under your Question Tools in the blue toolbar to the left hand side of your screen. There will be greaterbenefit working in an office, as you have access to all thenecessary resources and the team. While WikiAnswers does not encourage participating just for contribution points, a fast way to get them would be to correct the spelling, grammar and wording of questions/answers. The WikiAnswers community is made up of millions of members (both registered and unregistered) who ask and answer questions on WikiAnswers. I hope this answered your question. Flag Questions for improvement, pre-Answer a Question, remove an Answer. Below that it should say "My Pages." You should see one that says My Contributions. Besides, it can be quite entertaining because there's other things to do besides answering questions.