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than being constrained by substance. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Economist (2003) Economics A-Z, online Available from: m/research/Economics /m?letters 30/10/03 Gershuny,. Society, Ethics, and Technology (2nd.). Scientists present new clues to cut through the mystery of Titan's atmospheric haze.

In other words, nature is made up of material mechanisms. Ironically, this expresses a fundamental fault in dividing the realms of social structure, polity and culture, as they can be seen to behave in a similar way and this is one reason why Bells work has been described, in an Orwellian sense as good bad! Attaining power over reality is the implicit priority of this ethical stance.

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London: Jai Press, 1989. The more obvious effects include the depletion of nonrenewable natural resources (such as petroleum, coal, ores and the added pollution of air, water, and land. Bell is primarily concerned with changes in the social structure, (Webster 2002:36) which is composed of technology, the economy and the occupational system. The ship can no longer be steered to reach any goal, but will go round in circles, a victim of wind and currents.1 We have abandoned our culture to just such a lack of orientation. Supposedly, once people know the power connections in nature, nature can be deciphered and directed. With this as its starting point, the religion of technology focuses on the earths future. It also predominates in ethics.

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