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to Heraldry. A person who regards all Family Crests as likely being a fraud, or at best inaccurate and unlikely to have anything to do with their own family and who has no regard for Heraldry. Used along with the textbook and class notes, its the perfect equation for success. The word 'Google' did not even exist until quite recently, same with 'Googled'. However, if your ancestry is from a country with a tradition of Heraldry (Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, essay on man made calamities vs natural calamities and most of Europe) then the chances of finding an accurate Family Crest/Coat of Arms for your name is greatly improved. New words and phrases are created all the time while existing words and phrases have their meanings altered.

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The Oxford Dictionary editor Fiona McPherson put it better than we ever could: 'Our job is to describe the language people are using'. High Football game away vs Weston. Our view is that people themselves (you and me and everyone else) decide on the actual meaning of a word of phrase and we do so by our usage. Monday, October 8, nO school today. A person who observes a Family Crest as an item of little or no historical interest or relevance.

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