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1994,. We got up from sleep and saw that two gangs are fighting with each other. In the school the teacher should show sympathetic treatment to the Juveniles. Along with this minimum education, vocational training and training in different trades should also be provided. Several decades of research have shown that a small subset of youthscomprising approximately 5 to 10 of the populationconstitute serious, violent, and chronic offenders. In the late nineteen ninetys the US Department of justice have found that being victimized in school is something that not only plagues the junior high and high school students, but it is something that is affecting the elementary age students as well(www. They reached this conclusion after dividing Chicago into five concentric circles or zones. More punitive measures such as waivers are justified based on the serious violence and chronic delinquencies of the most serious offenders; however, some of these provisions carry unintended consequences. Bruce Hunter, a lobbyist who represents school superintendents for the American Association of School Administrators, said that profiling is not the answer to school violence(m). The Puritans believed they had no choice but to react to juvenile misbehavior in a severe and calculated manner. In his social learning theory, Bandura suggests that children learn by modeling and imitating others.

But poverty cannot be the role cause of delinquency. It has been striking in the past years due to the fact that it is beginning to hit suburban communities right at home. On crimes and punishments (Henry Paolucci, Trans.). It may, therefore, aggravate their behavioural problems instead of correcting them. Gangs are three or more persons who share a common identity, adopt or use signs and symbols (Sanders, 1994,. Psychopathic persons are impulsive, grandiose, emotionally cold, manipulative, callous, arrogant, dominant, irresponsible, short-tempered individuals who tend to violate social norms and victimize others without guilt or anxiety.

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In 34 states, there are once an adult, always an adult provisions that specify that once a youth has been tried as an adult, any subsequent offenses must also be waived to criminal court. The second area is Methuen, which is a more suburban district but urban at the same time introduction of an essay about higher education and has different characteristics to Lawrence. The effect of social disintegration, erosion of values, lack of sense of social sacrifice and commitment for the society may make many children social rejects. After 3-4 minutes Police came to the spot and after necessary enquiry booked the culprits. A number of studies conducted in UK and India using Eysencks personality inventory show delinquents to be more extroverts, more neurotic, more psychotic and to have more criminal tendencies than the control group. In social control theory, what must be explained is why most children conform to societys rules most of the time. Among the males delinquents are more engaged in stealing, drug usage, robbery, aggravated assaults, sexual abuses etc.