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behaviorist, and the interactionist, while unable to provide complete, irrefutable explanations of language development, did contribute significant ideas and concepts. Linguistic input, quality and quantity, must be comprehensible to the learner. The erogenous zone is again the genitals, but unlike the phallic stage, the focus here is sexual gratification. My teachers tried to steer me to be polite and respectful as well as my parents. Over the past 50 years researchers and psychologists have studied the language development of young children. The interactionist perspective, also known as symbolic interactionism, directs sociologists to consider the symbols and details of everyday life, what these symbols mean, and how people interact with each other. "Some of these changes says Hurlock, "come from maturation but most come from learning." The period of Early Childhood which extends from two years to five or six circle essay years is significant on two counts. The second stage involves the formation of logical thinking from simple to complex sentences. Skinner developed the theory of operant conditioning, the idea that we behave the way we do because this kind of behavior has had certain consequences in the past.

Upper class tends to be more snobby and lower class tends to be the nicer ones that no one really talks. A weight gain of about four or five pounds per year will also be found. This time in a childs life is considered to be nurturing and of close proximity to the mother. Second, the language is involved in storing and retrieving information. Even more remarkable are those children who simultaneously acquire proficiency in two, or more, languages during the preschool years.

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Such interaction with the environment, of course, need not be only verbal (language). I went to preschool at Nekcap Head Start. Tonsils and adenoids are also made up of lymphoid tissue. During the past twenty graphics essay donis a dondished years, concern has become more increased over the educational needs of young children from non-English speaking families, and how to bridge the gap in language acquisition. Sex variations are also noticeable. Because children at this age are still immature, genital stimulation is pleasurable however not relatable to that of an adult.

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