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juvenile diversion program he was sentenced to had branded him for life as a dangerous criminal. Im getting angry, and I dont know how well I can control. My focus has been on suicide prevention because and I dont ever want to make it seem that Im discounting the murders that Dylan did, which were terrible and significant and anguishing but my thinking is that murder-suicide is one manifestation of suicide. Whenever Byron, the eldest son, came over for dinner, Klebold would send him back to his apartment with a freezer bag full of food. I believe Dylan had some kind of a mood disorder. He wondered why, for example, Susan Klebold once wrote, in a police diversion report, that her son was sullen, isolated, angry and depressed. They didn't appear to care, according to the teacher, Judith Kelly. I suggest that she makes a moral distinction between the two boys. We are at a hotel in Denver rather than her home, not for want of congeniality on the 66-year-olds part, but because, once you have been the target of large-scale hatred, it is never a good idea to let on where you live. I have forgiven myself to some degree. Of Eric, she writes, he was always respectful and perfectly polite.

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In the days that followed, they considered changing their name and moving towns. That they were just people who, for some reason, had made an awful choice and were thrown into a terrible, othello honesty essay despairing situation. Dylan describes not fitting in, being depressed and generally hating his life and existence. And I had all kinds of pictures of Dylan on laps and with arms around him. She would, she writes, give her life to recover just one of the lives that was lost at the hands of her son, but she wont subscribe to the theory that he was a monster. Kelly talked to Dylan's parents about it; Dylan dismissed it as "It's just a story.". Wasnt she inclined to say, How dare you threaten me? The story was about a man coming into town and killing all the popular kids. when Dylan Klebold left the house that morning, he yelled goodbye in a tone that gave his mother pause. Ive met several mums of mass shooters, and they are as sweet and nice as they can.