article road safety essay spm

while attending to the victims and offering first aid. This process is highly enhanced since there is safety on the roads, thus smooth operation is highly ensured. Patience is a quality in which drivers must exercise. Due to its nature of being the easiest infrastructure mode, most people have adopted it as their basic means of transport all over the world.

When road safety measures are followed carefully, most lives would be saved. While only few hundred are killed in terrorist attacks, more than one lakh people are killed in road accidents every year in India. It is at this moment when the safety of the road is least observed, since each and every driver thinks on how fast he/she can be saved from the deadlock. When a truck carrying goods that were being passed to a needy retailer from the producer is involved in a crash, the. By observing road safety measures by every road user, drivers and road users can save millions of lives that could be lost through fatal road accidents.

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