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back story of how all that came to be: how Orin left home, left tennis and got involved with Joelle van Dyne aka Madame Psychosis aka the Prettiest Girl of All Time, or pgoat. These fuckers are metal. Whats interesting is that these are only the outward impressions, the understanding of the book that you can get from just looking at it on the shelf, or flipping through the 388 endnotes, or biting off just one sentence, much less the entire book.

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But it's wrong, obviously. . The Hamlet Sightings are off the charts here, with the se offendendo that Wallace notes in the endnotes to JOI being the ghost of Hamlets father to his insertion how to write an applied research paper of the word laertes into Gatelys thoughts. Theses aspects make them effective and capable at their job. Why? Exhibit A in this theory is Mario Incandenza, the homodontic, bradykinetic, macrocephalic and eternally cheerful middle son, who is wandering the halls getting footage for his annual ETA documentary. Lord returns briefly, but Poutrincourt is nowhere to be found.

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